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Food Photography ala Raymond Hom

I have heard that food photography is not easy. But, when done well.. it really is beautiful. Whilst browsing one of my favourite blogs, creature comforts, I saw some of Raymond Hom’s work. Not only does he take gorgeous photos, with crisp colours, light and textures; but he captures the purity and natural goodness of the food so perfectly. It all looks fresh and delicious! Suddenly my pathetic lunch consisting of tuna mayo sandwich and tea seems downright icky!:)

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A graphic designer they say; of quirky nature and feminine tastes. Growing into an avid traveller and appreciator of all the good there is to be found in the world.

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  1. Granny Burton

    Ones taste buds are sure titilated with the presentation and variety—-if only one could do something similar? Another worthwhile browse many thinks . LOL xxxx

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