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Mother daughter MAGIC

There is something so wonderfully rich about the series, Gilmore Girls.

Rich in emotion.. humour… witticisms… charm… fashion… Set in a small fictional town: Stars Hollow, Connecticut, it follows the lives of mother and daughter duo, Lorelai, and Rory Gilmore played by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. We get to know the town’s quirky characters and secrets about Lorelai’s life are revealed throughout the series, especially in terms of her rich parents who she ran away from after having Rory at 16. The girls’ love lives are anything but simple making for great drama! All in all if you haven’t watched this show you really did yourself a disservice.  Being lucky enough to own the entire series, anyone I lend them to also becomes an immediate fan. Most people when first watching an episode are put off by the fast paced speech and references to American pop culture or history, but this is all part of that charm that I’m talking about. The duo’s obsession with movies, new and old, magazines and fashion is a lifestyle I relate to 100%.
Theme song & credits:

Created by Amy Sherman, the reason their speaking is on fast forward is because they had so much great content to fit in each show! And the characters are painted so effectively in this way!

I have to say, Lorelai is utterly fabulous! She’s my fictional idol! Independent, funny, intelligent, strong-willed, generous, friendly. She brings up Rory on her own and ends up owning her own Inn, doesn’t take crap but isn’t afraid to get involved in silly town events and help out anyone who needs her. SuperWoman?  I think so!

Her relationships are never simple partly due to her single-mom position but also because of Rory’s father who tend to pop up at the worst moments or just as Lorelai starts to feel settled. Rory dates some hotties and while her relationships seem simple at first there is clearly a lot of her mother in her as things change when she gets older.

Dean, Logan and Jess: Rory’s loves.
I watch this series once a year from beginning to end and it never.gets.old.

There was talk of a movie following the successful series so…. fingers and toes crossed!!

Some memorable quotes:

Rory: What’s with the carrots?
Lorelai: I was afraid you weren’t eating well at school.
Rory: Ohhh.
Lorelai: Marshmallow?

[At the Yale-Harvard football game]
Lorelai: Oh, wait, are you Pennilyn Lott, my dad’s college sweetheart?
Pennilyn: Yes.
Lorelai: You’re my almost-mommy.
Pennilyn: Well, I supposed that’s one way of putting it…
Lorelai: I’m so glad to finally meet you. Let me ask you something – would you have let me get a pony?

Logan: Rory, you’re special.
Rory: Like “stop-eating-the-paste” special?

Richard: Focus, please.
Lorelai: I am a camera.


  1. Rincewind

    ok am a guy here and was nagging my flatmate about why she was following this silly series all the time until one day I accidently watched 3 episodes in a row and was hooked, had to go out and buy the DVD to see the first seasons episodes…. but yes, its a brilliant show and so much frustration when Luke and Lorelai is on, off, on, off… aaahhhh. but the last episode was a perfect ending of a perfect show. and Love goes to Kirk as baby jesus…:)

  2. staceyburr

    Yes! You have to thank her for changing your life! Kirk rocks in all his complete and utter weirdness! Loved his one man show. Too odd!
    I know it was frustrating but it keeps the viewer guessing & I think both characters needed to sort out their shizzle before properly getting together.

    • Rincewind

      yeah, I haven’t really thanked her but she is quite happy since she has access to my Gilmore Girls DVD’s stuck inbetween all my sci-fi/fantasy/action movies, they have really messed up my DVD collection :)hmm maybe I should start over again, haven’t seen it for half a year now… will ask my flatmate.

  3. I’m a Gilmore Girls Fanatic. I still keep a running marathon going before bed. I watch the episodes over and over and over and over…..

    • My sister and I are the same Jennifer! It’s so easy to watch for hours and not even realize. Thanks for ur comment!:)

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