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The beginning of my speel of work :)

SAPPI ‘Ideas that Matter’ is a competition that required us to choose a local NGO and, using only SAPPI paper products, find a creative solution to a problem the NGO was experiencing. We chose LEAP Science and Maths School, a school desperately short of computers.
We noticed that most companies update and replace their computers quite regularly. Our concept involves delivering empty computer boxes to these companies and encouraging them to put their old computers into the boxes. The computers would be collected and taken to where they would really be needed.

These are the boxes that would be sent to companies.

Clockwise from left: Brochure with information about the initiative; tag for companies to personalise the donation; envelope holding the brochure on the boxes and sticky paper with messages to seal the boxes.


  1. Andrew Macfarlane

    Hey! You have a blog? Cool to see your work up, and hows the job hunting going.

    • staceyburr

      Heyo Oogie!! Hows work been? Decided where you’re going yet? I have 2 interviews in Jan so fingers crossed! Heading to zim soon can’t wait. Hope ur well! xx

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