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What it’s all about

Designerisms, the Blog, is about  appreciation. About finding beauty in the ordinary.

As a quirky, empathetic designer-type person, I have always had wanderlust. Yearning to see more than just the inside of our lounges, many of us see travelling not just as a luxury, but as an essential part of getting to know life. In this space, I will be sharing the feeling of joy we often feel when experiencing a new place… but rather than limit it to travelling to other countries, I want to encourage you all to cultivate that feeling in mini adventures. We can even feel awe when sitting on the step outside our home if we choose to be amazed by the little things. So often in life we limit our happiness to the major occurrences, but with the right outlook and by consciously living in the moment we will learn to see beauty in so much more.

I have felt overwhelmed by all the social media, the internet’s constant growth, the flood of new images every day. How does one keep up? But then I realised that there’s something really great about people taking time to take a picture of a plant, or a meal, because they are appreciating those seemingly mundane things- seeing the good, and in their own way, expressing gratitude.

And so, Designerisms follows two main themes. It’s is about celebrating creativity and inspiration. It’s about being mindful- being present in moments instead of just getting swept along by life. As a way of cultivating this attitude, I will be sharing moments with photography, articles, art and designs inspired by experiences.

If you have experiences you’d like to see shared in these ways, I’d love to hear about it 🙂 Go to the Designerisms contact page to get in touch.

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