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Gorgeous Black and White Interiors

Whilst I love splashes of colour, sometimes it can be so clean and striking to embrace the contrast of black and white in one’s home or office. I have collected some images that inspired me and found that texture, art and in particular, typography play a huge role in creating the looks that appealed to me most.
I have just moved from being in a flat, back into a house and it’s great to have a new space to make your own. My room is slowly taking shape. I love how you can take a few elements with you, like a duvet cover, cushions and frames, and at each place those same things can create a whole new feel, yet still feel like your comfort zone.

Happy Weekend All*








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I am a born and bred Zimbabwean, living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. I have a passion for Graphic Design, and finding joy in the quirks. This is a tiny piece of insight into my life and loves.


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